joy, self-confidence, courage, vitality, harmony, optimism, creativity

♡ Karma bracelet is a piece of handmade jewelry that motivates you and reminds you every day what you want to achieve in life, what is the goal of your life journey or you can give this bracelet your important person.
♡ Main color symbolism of the ♡ ORANGE ♡ crystal
joy, self-confidence, courage, vitality, harmony, optimism, creativity
Color of joy and creativity. increasing energy level, stimulates us mentally and physically.
Also helps to make decision, enhances happiness, focusing
♡ For crystal you can choose 18 silk strings (6 slim string and 12 strong strings).
♡ When creating an order, please select your string in section Style.
♡ This bracelet would make a wonderful gift, perfect for every occasion! It is beautifully handmade, with a original Swarovski crystal. It's dainty size allows for a charming little addition to an everyday outfit, and it is perfect to layer with other jewelry!
♡ The Swarovski Karma crystal is 1,5 x 1,5 cm. Silk string length is approximately 22 cm long so will tie around a wrist of any size.
♡ Please remember that Swarovski crystals does not do well in contact with water, perfumes and deodorants, chemicals, aggressive fumes such as spa or sauna.

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